The Science with SALT Conference 2015 is dedicated to the memory of Janusz Kaluzny.

Its aims are:

  • Present and discuss recent results from SALT observations;
  • Anticipate scientific programs that will be carried out with new SALT instrumentation such as RSS-NIR;
  • Provide a scientific environment in which to foster inter-institutional and inter-facility collaborations between scientists at the different SALT partners;
  • Provide an opportunity for students and postdocs to become more engaged in SALT science and operations;
  • Encourage the scientific strategic planning that will be necessary to insure an important role for SALT in an era of large astronomical facilities in the southern hemisphere such as MeerKAT, the SKA, LSST, and ALMA;
  • Discuss future strategies to enhance SALT’s visibility and competitiveness, for example multi-partner key programs;
  • Consider options for future instrumentation and technical development of SALT; and,
  • Present, discuss, and engage in the SALT Collateral Benefits program led by SAAO.